We have a wide range of Baypole screws, concrete / Ammo screws, wood screws, manufacturing screws and window frame anchors. Choose from a subcategory below:

Fixings Select from the categories below.


  • Wood Screws
    Features •25° sharp point for easy penetration into wood and chipboard. •Surface hardened up to 750 HV to prevent torque shearing under load and a core hardness of up to 450 HV for improved ductility. •Plated in zinc 3 microns and yellow passivated. •Made from C10-18 steel. •Batch-traceability. •40° deep single thread to provide a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance. •Lubricated to enhance screw insertion time, extra driving torque and resistance to corrosion. •Fully threaded up to 70mm, thereafter partially threaded. •Sold in one-piece strengthened laminated TIMco branded boxes for market appeal and quality recognition. •Bar-coded to assist in sales and stock control
  • Manufacturing Screws
    Manufacturing screws
  • Window Frame Anchors
    Window frame anchors
  • Concrete / Ammo Screws
    Concrete/Ammo screws. for fixing of window and door frames, timber beams, battens, wooden laths, facades, metal profiles, panels etc into masonry. Suitable for concrete, solid brick, hollow blocks etc.
  • Baypole Screws
    Baypole Screws, wafer flange head, Philips recess with v fluted self tapping thread and self drill point.


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